Pasta Making 101 Masterclass with Cucina Melissa

Club Argaux presents a Pasta Making 101 Masterclass partnered with Melissa Norton (Cucina Melissa), an Italian trained cook who has studied all across Italy to share her lessons on the importance of fresh ingredients and slow food with you.

Everything she makes is handmade. Committed to the old school, artisan Italian techniques she learned when she was studying in Italy, Melissa will be demonstrating her expert tips and tricks on traditional pasta making without a machine. Of course, there will also be wine! A unique selection of Italian wines will be paired / poured alongside the pasta making experience.

Guests will have the hands-on opportunity to learn:

  • How to roll 2 different pasta shapes and the history of those shapes
  • How to properly knead Southern pasta dough
  • Why these shapes are just water and flour, no eggs
  • Why to use a high protein flour with water and what it does to the chew of the pasta
  • How to hydrate pasta dough and what that means
  • How to pair sauces with different pasta shapes
  • Introduction to Italian wines and how to pair them with food

You’ll also be taking home fresh pasta recipes, notes, and instructions, along with a cavatelli board to practice the shape they learned. Additional curated items will be available for sale.

**Limited number of tickets available! Preferred price of $125 for Club Argaux members.

Location: Argaux HQ
Date: Wednesday, September 14th, 2022
Time: 6:00-7:30pm


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