Sustainability in Wine

SOMM Margaux Reaume, Co-Founder & Sommelier

THEME Sustainability in Wine

THESIS Quality, Authenticity, and Transparency

QUOTE “If a wine’s genius shows itself in the vine’s ability to express the minerality and aromas of a grape and of a terroir, it’s the winemaker who gives it a soul that reflects its ambiance and harmony” – Bernard Bohn


When it comes to our sourcing process, there is no need to overcomplicate things. Is the wine good or is the wine bad? When I say that I mean, does the wine taste like the grape varietal that has been grown in the region stated on the label? Or does it taste like a bad identity crisis followed by a whole lot of overcompensation?

It’s about respecting the craft and the winemakers ability to foster the process and create a wine that is a true representation of the grape and more importantly how that grape expresses itself in its unique environment.

Pedro Araujo, Portugal’s Peter Pan and the winemaker of the Vinho Verde in this box has been farming organically for the last few years and says, “I’m not a fundamentalist: I just wanted to get better grapes.” I kind of love that. Even taking environmental and ethical reasons out of the equation, biodynamic and organic farming simply produces better grapes and as a result, better wine.

This goes hand in hand with small production and minimal intervention winemaking. Grapes need to be nurtured and cared for and small production winemakers can remain vigilant over their grapes from vine to bottle in a way that commercial wineries can not. And from a human level, the winemakers we work with are passionate about their craft, driven by quality and authenticity. They are not adding the 75+ FDA approved additives to their wines to make up for bad, overproduced grapes to try and meet a production number. They are producing wine they are proud to serve at a dinner table with their closest family and friends.




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