Lexi’s Wine List Wine Tasting Fundamentals Bundle

Introducing my Wine Tasting Fundamentals Bundle, a thoughtful selection of bottles crafted to elevate your understanding and appreciation of wine. An essential for wine enthusiasts and novices alike, this kit is your passport to a journey through the world of wine.

This bundle is carefully curated for my tasting theme, Wine Tasting Fundamentals. To enhance your wine education experience, book a private virtual or in-person wine tasting with me here. I’ll walk you through a tasting of these four wines, while focusing on how to get to know your palate, because a wine is only good if you like it. I’ll also teach you the vocabulary and skills you need to order wine at a restaurant, or try something new at the wine store, and feel confident in choosing wines you love.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to embark on a vinous adventure:

• Wine 101 Guidebook: Delve into the fascinating world of wine with this comprehensive guidebook. From grape varieties to winemaking techniques, this book offers insights that will deepen your understanding and enhance your tasting experience.

• 4 Bottles of Wine: A thoughtful selection of four types of wine, including rosé, white, orange, and red for you to taste and explore.

Cheers to new discoveries and unforgettable tasting experiences!


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