Wine 101
Where to Start

The World of Wine

Entering the world of wine is entering an entire world of flavors and experiences. Whether you’ve already had a little training on wine or are starting from scratch, this simple guide will help you understand the basics.


The history of wine dates back to 7000 B.C.E., but it’s always started with grapes cultivated in vineyards, harvested at their peak, and fermented for months or even years. The type of grape, where it’s grown, and the weather during the growing season all affect the infinite flavors you can find in every glass.


Sommeliers are experts who study wine to understand the complex flavors on a deep level. Sommeliers can distinguish between thousands of varieties with just a sip.


But you don’t need to become an expert just to pick a bottle you’ll love. Your tastes are yours alone, and with a little wine knowledge, you’ll have everything you need to know to enjoy a bottle. We’ll cover the basics you should know to enjoy your next glass, whether you’re pairing it with food or enjoying it by itself.

Learning the Basics