‘Year of Firsts’ Engagement Wine Gift Box

Keep the celebration going by helping your friend or family member toast to every exciting milestone as they get ready to say I DO!

Wines are hand-selected by our team of sommeliers. If you have any special requests or preference on tag selection (options below), please leave a note for Team Argaux in the notes section at checkout.

Named one of ‘the best engagement gifts for any couple‘ by Brides.com


Engagement Milestone Tags

Booked the Venue
Said Yes to the Dress
Set the Date
One Month Countdown
Marriage License, Check!
Let’s Celebrate

Additional Milestone Tags

Just Married
Happy Honeymoon
First Anniversary
First Compromise
First Addition to the Family
First Dinner Party
Happy New Year
Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Birthday
Date Night
Just Because


Our top 5 reasons why our ‘Year Of Firsts’ Engagement Gift Wine Gift Box is the ideal wine gift to celebrate life’s meaningful moments!

  1. Celebration: Wine is often associated with celebration and special occasions. It symbolizes joy, happiness, and shared moments. An engagement is a significant milestone in someone’s life, and giving wine can add to the celebratory atmosphere. (Tag Recommendations: Congratulations, Let’s Celebrate)
  2. Versatility: Wine is a versatile gift that can be enjoyed immediately or saved for a future celebration. It can be opened and shared with friends and family during the engagement party or saved for a romantic dinner or anniversary celebration down the line. (Tag Recommendations: First Dinner Party, First Anniversary)
  3. Thoughtfulness: Choosing a specific type of wine that you know the couple enjoys or selecting a bottle with special meaning, such as a vintage from the year they met, shows thoughtfulness and consideration for the couple’s tastes and preferences. (Tag Recommendations: Honeymoon, Date Night)
  4. Tradition: In many cultures, wine has a long-standing tradition as a gift for celebrations and special occasions. It’s a classic choice that carries with it a sense of tradition and elegance. (Tag Recommendations: Just Married, First Addition to the Family)
  5. Memorability: Unlike many other gifts, wine has the potential to create lasting memories. The couple may remember who gave them the bottle and the occasion it was given for every time they enjoy it. (Tag Recommendations: Just Married, First Anniversary)
  6. *Bonus: Shared Experience: Sharing a bottle of wine can be a bonding experience. It provides an opportunity for the engaged couple to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company as they embark on this new chapter of their lives together. (Tag Recommendations: Just Married, Happy Honeymoon)

We at Argaux are committed to raising our glasses to these smaller but no-less-significant moments following the major happenings. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Year of Firsts’ collection: a series of hand-curated wine tasting kits designed to help newly engaged, newlywed, new parents, and new to the neighborhood celebrate each and every milestone with a flourish.

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