Our story starts with

Co-founders Arden&Margaux met in college

It was never just about wine. Our story starts with friendship.

Co-founders Arden & Margaux met in college. They bonded over a passion for cooking, and a shared birthday. Their friendship grew over monthly dinner parties they co-hosted for friends.

They became known as “dinner party enthusiasts” and their appetite for all things food and cooking fostered a newfound interest in wine. 

Various wine bars around campus became their library where they’d ponder the possibilities and dream up a business plan for what once was a passion project, and now a budding business.

By their senior year in college friends called Arden and Margaux – Argaux – and they were off to The International Culinary Center to become Certified Sommeliers. 

When Argaux first started, Margaux was the Chef and Arden was the Sommelier – Together they hosted private dinner parties throughout Southern California.

Every week they met in the kitchen for a brainstorming session where they’d dream up and test original recipes, menus, and pairings for upcoming dinner parties. ⁠

Cooking is Argaux’s first love and what opened the door for Arden & Margaux to the world of wine. When asked what their favorite wines are, the unanimous answer, “…it depends on what we’re eating,” typically follows. ⁠

Our product is wine, but it’s our mission to inspire and connect people from all walks of life through food & wine, and the power that those two things have on our intellectual and emotional health. 

Wine is a catalyst for so much more than the glass in front of you. Paired with food, it brings people together around a table where ideas are born and connections are made. When that happens, anything is possible. 

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