‘Year of Firsts’ Wedding Wine Gift Box

“I’m always looking for the most unique gift ideas, and this is one I would definitely be excited to give newly-engaged friends. I just love the idea of celebrating every milestone—before, during, and after the wedding. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!” — Anna Price Olson, Associate Editorial Director, Brides.com

This gift includes 4 or 6 bottles of wine (in your desired wine style) that are hand-selected by our team of sommeliers. Each bottle will have a milestone neck tag indicating the momentous occasion to pop the cork and a welcome envelope to our ‘Year of Firsts’ collection.

If you have any special requests or preference on tag selection (see options below), please leave a message for Team Argaux in the notes section at checkout.


Wedding Milestone Tags

Just Married
Happy Honeymoon
First Anniversary
First Compromise
First Addition to the Family
First Dinner Party
Happy New Year
Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Birthday
Date Night
Just Because

Additional Milestone Tags

Booked the Venue
Said Yes to the Dress
Set the Date
One Month Countdown
Marriage License, Check!
Let’s Celebrate

Our top 5 reasons why our ‘Year Of Firsts’ Wedding Gift Wine Gift Box is the ideal wine gift to celebrate life’s meaningful moments!

  1. Celebration: Wine is synonymous with celebrations and special occasions. A wedding is a momentous event in a couple’s life, and wine adds a touch of elegance and festivity to the celebration. It’s a way to toast to the couple’s happiness and future together. (Tag Recommendations: Congratulations, Let’s Celebrate, Just Married)
  2. Symbolism: Wine has symbolic significance in many cultures. It represents love, unity, and the sharing of life’s joys. By gifting wine, you’re expressing your well wishes for the couple’s journey together and the hope that their marriage will be as rich and flavorful as the wine you’ve chosen. (Tag Recommendations: Happy Honeymoon, Let’s Celebrate)
  3. Versatility: Wine is a versatile gift that can be enjoyed immediately or aged for future celebrations. Whether the couple chooses to open the bottle on their wedding day, save it for their anniversary, or display it in their home as a keepsake, wine offers flexibility and longevity. (Tag Recommendations: First Anniversary, Just Because)
  4. Personalization: With countless varieties, vintages, and regions to choose from, wine offers endless possibilities for personalization. You can select a bottle that reflects the couple’s tastes, preferences, or shared memories, making the gift feel thoughtful and tailored to their unique relationship. (Tag Recommendations: First Dinner Party, Just Married)
  5. Memories: Wine has the ability to create lasting memories. When the couple enjoys the bottle you’ve gifted, they’ll likely remember the occasion it was given for and the thoughtfulness behind the gesture. It becomes a cherished memento of their wedding day and a reminder of the love and support they received from family and friends. (Tag Recommendations: First Addition to the Family, Date Night)

We at Argaux are committed to raising our glasses to these smaller but no-less-significant moments following the major happenings. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Year of Firsts’ collection: a series of hand-curated wine tasting kits designed to help newly betrothed, newlywed, and new parents celebrate each and every milestone with a flourish.

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