• The Summer Spritz Kit

      With summer fully underway, it’s high time to step up your spritz game and get you prepped for two more months of hot-weather drinking.

      Kit Includes: 1 bottle of Liquore delle Sirene Aperitivo Americano Bianco & 1 bottle of NV Loredan Gasparini Prosecco Asolo Superiore Brut. Every kit also includes a placemat (pictured to the left) with 3 cocktail recipes.

      *Plus the option to add-on 2 Juliska acrylic tumblers since a summer spritz tastes so much better on the beach, by the pool, or on the patio.

    • Canvas Tote – To The Market


      Meet your new farmers market and grocery store go-to. Maximize on space with six interior pockets labeled for bread, cheese, wine, fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

      This tote is lined with extra durable canvas to ensure the best structure and to fit all your market finds in one organized bag.

      This tote bag is made by using traditional techniques that have been passed down across generations. Through fair wages, skill development, and training, skilled artisan women in Bangladesh are able to build strong futures.

    • The Big Baller 2-Pack

      Burgundy x Barolo: The wine for kings and the king of wine.

      When the legend in your life has everything he needs, gift him something you can enjoy together and toast to the one who took on fatherhood like a champ and deserves to drink like a king.

      This box includes…
      (1) 2018 Domaine Alain Burguet Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Mes Favorites’
      (1) 2016 Eraldo Borgogno Barolo

      + tips on how to serve and store these timeless gents

    • New Arrival

      ‘Gaux Play Après Sweatshirt

      Introducing the newest addition to our ‘Gaux Play Après initiative and lineup! To us, ‘Gaux Play Après is a playful lifestyle in the spirit of wellness, moderation, and fun. We are an active group here at Argaux and we love activities that combine fitness with improved physical/mental wellness and socializing… all while outdoors. From playing 9-holes on Sunday with a group of friends to tennis or pick ball before happy hour, or hitting the slopes for a weekend of skiing/snowboarding; we like to think the playful nature of these 3 wines (and this sweatshirt) will empower you to get out there and ‘GAUX golf, PLAY tennis, and enjoy your APRÈS-ski.

    • Wine 101 Tasting Kit For Beginners

      Know what you like and not much more? You’re not alone. Our team of sommeliers has curated “starter kits” organized by grape variety. Each kit will include 3 bottles of wines: 2 classic examples of the grape selected and 1 “wild card.” Think of it as a way to learn more about your favorite grape, while being introduced to its long lost cousin.

      What are the options?
      – The Sauvignon Blanc starter kit (white): Light, tart, fruity, and herbal
      – The Chardonnay starter kit (white): Dry, subtle, floral, and round
      – The Pinot Noir starter kit (red): Bright red fruit, potpourri, earth and spice
      – The Cabernet Sauvignon starter kit (red): Bold black fruit, baking spice, bay leaf, and tobacco

    • Old World vs. New World Wine Tasting Set

      Old World versus New World – why choose? When it comes to learning the ins and outs of wine tasting, starting with a solid Old World vs New World foundation is key. The fundamental traits that characterize these regions are essential in learning how to taste like a pro.

      Box Includes: 2 or 4 bottles in your desired wine style and a tasting guide with tips and tricks to practice as you taste through wines from France and California.

        • 2-Bottle White: Battle of Chardonnay (France vs California)
        • 2-Bottle Red: Battle of Pinot Noir (France vs California)
        • 4-Bottle Mixed: Battle of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon (France vs California)
        • 4-Bottle Red: Battle of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon (France vs California)
    • ‘Gaux-To Italy Wine & Food Gift Box

      The Italian dinner table is constantly filled with good food, delicious wine, and a whole lot of loved ones. It is the symbolic center of family life in Italy and something we’ve adopted here at Argaux.

      This Italian Dinner Party Starter Kit includes…
      – Your choice of 1 or 2 bottles of Italian wine
      – Ottomani Organic Olive Oil
      – Ciao Pappy Marinara Sauce
      – Semolina Artisanal Pasta Organic Rigatoni

    • ‘Gaux-To California Wine Gift Box

      We know we may be biased, but California truly has it all. Whether you are looking for a nice morning surf, a long hike through the majestic Redwood forest, or a quiet evening in the desert, California has something to offer for every type of weekend getaway.

      Enjoy this box of our ‘gaux-to sustainable and small production wines from California and taste your way through Santa Barbara, Paso Robles and Napa Valley.

      Box Includes: Your choice of 2 or 3 California bottles in your desired wine style.

    • ‘Gaux-To France Wine Gift Box

      Whether you are hopping on the next flight to Paris or simply wanderlusting from your couch, escaping to France and drinking delicious wine go hand in hand. Home to some of the world’s most impeccable growing sites and greatest producers, it’s only natural that daily wine consumption has become embedded in French culture.

      Box Includes: Your choice of 2 or 3 French bottles in your desired wine style.

    • ‘Year of Firsts’ Engagement Wine Gift Box

      “Planning a wedding can be stressful. This gift reminded me to be present, celebrate the little wins and enjoy the bliss of being engaged.” – Margaux (co-founder)

      A gift to keep the celebration going by helping your friend or family member toast to every exciting milestone as they prepare to say I DO!

      The wine is hand-selected by our team of Sommeliers. If you have any special requests, please leave a note for Team Argaux in the notes section at checkout.

    • Gift Certificate

      Give the gift (card) of ease. No awkward guessing what they like, or forcing what you like on them. Phew.

      Simply select an amount, we’ll email you a digital gift card, and you can forward it or print-and-hand-deliver it to your very picky lucky oenophile friend.

      *Promotions and discounts don’t apply to gift card purchases.

    • Food & Wine Pairing Kit

      So, you want to learn about wine? Well you’ve come to the right place. At Argaux education is our top priority and Vanessa Price’s Big Macs & Burgundy – Wine Pairings for the Real World is an approachable, educational, and entertaining guide to every day food & wine pairing. From cheetos to sushi, Vanessa covers it all.

      Here we’ve highlighted our favorite pairings featured in Vanessa’s book and provided you with the wines to experience these taste explosions firsthand.

      This box includes…
      (1) 2020 Domaine de Oliveira Lecestre Chablis ‘Fourchaume’ Premier Cru
      (1) 2018 Ottomani DOCG Chianti Classico
      (1) A Copy of Big Macs & Burgundy by Vanessa Price
      (1) Argaux x Big Macs & Burgundy Wine 101: Tasting & Food Pairing Guide

    • ‘Gaux Golf Wine Gift Box

      This box has all the essentials needed to elevate your golf round and make it a PAR-TEE. Because you may not be the best golfer on the course, but you will be the most fun. It’s par fore the course, guaranTEE’d!

      Box Includes…
      (#) Bottles of 2021 Par Fore the Course New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
      (6) Cups for the course
      (2) Tee & ball marker books
      (1) Microfiber golf towel

      Shop our Nike Golf Collection to up your style.

    • The Natural Wine Tasting Set

      No category of wine sparks debate like that of natural wine. Love it, hate it, or simply just don’t understand it, this hands-off style of winemaking is becoming more and more popular amongst consumers and industry folk alike.

      Box Includes: 2 bottles of wine from Domaine Rougeot, our ‘gaux-to natural wine producer.
      1. 2018 Domaine Rougeot Bourgogne Aligote ‘Les Plumes’ Sans Sulfite Ajouté
      2. 2019 Domaine Rougeot Bourgogne Passetoutgrain ‘Les Verchèrres’ Sans Sulfite Ajouté

    • The Classic Spritz Kit

      Every home bar needs to be stocked with the essentials to please every palate, party and mood. And when it comes time for a Spritz, be stocked with something a little more elevated and unique than Aperol.

      Our Spritz Kit features the Volume Primo Vermouth, as well as our ‘gaux-to Prosecco from Sorelle Bronca. Volume Primo’s Mediterranean-style Vermouth is macerated with bittering elements such as wormwood, gentian, sage, chamomile, and vanilla. It is flavor-packed and the perfect pick for mixing with bubbly Prosecco. Oh yeah, this is also the Vermouth used in the Bar Archivo Negroni, which is rumored to be the best Negroni in the world.

      Box Includes: 1 bottle of NV Volume Primo Vermouth & 1 bottle of NV Sorelle Extra Dry Prosecco

      Make sure to head to our blog for our tried & true Spritz recipe.

    • ‘Gaux-To Champagne Wine Gift Box

      Synonymous with parties, weddings, and celebrations of all kinds, Champagne is the perfect way to elevate an evening. Especially when it’s made by Jean-Christophe Delavenne and Maxine Ponson. The simple act of drinking it becomes a celebration.

      This gift box includes two bottles of boutique, grower Champagne from Premier Cru & Grand Cru vineyards.

      1. NV Pascal Ponson Brut Champagne Premier Cru
      2. NV Champagne Delavenne Pere & Fils Brut Rosé Grand Cru

    • Women In Wine Tasting Set

      In honor of the incredible ladies changing the viticultural game worldwide, we’ve created this Women in Wine kit to share some bottles made by a few of our favorite female winemakers across the globe.

      Box Includes: 3 bottles of Wine
      1. NV Sorelle Bronca Extra Dry Prosecco, made by the amazing Bronca sisters.
      2. 2020 Chateau Barbebelle Aix-en-Provence ‘Héritage’ Rosé, made by 4th generation winemaker, Madeleine Herbeau.
      3. 2020 Bodegas Itsasmendi Txakoli, made by Maite Zabala.

    • ‘Gaux-To The Med Wine Gift Box

      For the one that needs a vacation. Gift a mental escape to sun-soaked days in the Mediterranean. Think oysters and wine for lunch followed by an afternoon siesta beside turquoise crystalline water and the sound of boats rocking oh so quietly in the harbor.

      This box includes two wines made by Christopher Ferrandis of Clos Signadore. Christopher handcrafts these boutique wines from organically-farmed vineyards on the small island of Corsica.

      1. 2019 Clos Signadore ‘A Mandria’ Patrimonio Dry Rosé
      2. 2018 Clos Signadore ‘A Mandria’ Patrimonio Rouge

    • Big Macs & Burgundy – Wine Pairings for the Real World

      By Vanessa Price & Adam Laukuf

      Essential wine pairings for everything from popcorn to veggie burgers to General Tso’s Chicken, based on the wildly popular Grub Street column.

      Sancerre and Cheetos go together like milk and cookies. The science behind this unholy alliance is as elemental as acid, fat, salt, and minerals. Wine pro Vanessa Price explains how to create your own pairings while proving you don’t necessarily need fancy foods to unlock the joys of wine. Building upon the outsize success of her weekly column in Grub Street, Price offers delightfully bold wine and food pairings alongside hilarious tales from her own unlikely journey as a Kentucky girl making it in the Big Apple and in the wine business. Using language everyone can understand, she reveals why each dynamic duo is a match made in heaven, serving up memorable takeaways that will help you navigate any wine list or local bottle shop. Charmingly illustrated and bubbling with personality, Big Macs & Burgundy will open your mind to the entirely fun and entirely accessible wine pairings out there waiting to be discovered—and make you do a few spit-takes along the way.

    • 1-Bottle Wine Gift Box

      Leave it to the professionals and gift a bottle hand-selected by our team of Sommeliers.

      Gifting wine can feel overwhelming. We’ve made it quick and easy. Simply choose your price point and pick red or white. We’ll handle the rest. Phew!


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