The Blind Wine Tasting Kit

‘Bring the experience of a blind wine tasting into your very own home with Argaux’s blind tasting kit. Experience new wines and follow along with their how-to guide so you can get the full blind tasting experience. Try this out for your next at-home date night, or virtually gather with friends on video conference and enjoy a virtual tasting! Argaux even provides an option so you can send kits to multiple addresses, making it a piece of cake to enjoy with friends around the world. Cheers!’

Sarah Boyd, Forbes

Here at Argaux, wine education starts with tasting. We hope Argaux can help keep the good vibes rolling, the conversation light-hearted, and your glasses half full!



The absolute best way to learn about (and enjoy) wine is to taste it—so we encourage you to gather some friends, family or colleagues, open up your senses, pop these bottles and TASTE.

In this kit you’ll find the wines thoughtfully wrapped to conceal their identities, DO NOT UNWRAP— and a guide which provides instructions on How-To Blind Taste, an overview of Varietals and Regions, Tips and Tricks and the Infamous ‘Grid,’ giving you necessary the structure to deductively taste wine and recognize unique characteristics linked to specific varietals and regions. As Sommeliers, we’ve been tested on this very same grid and now it’s your turn to MAKE A CALL. Happy tasting!

Hosting a group tasting? Simply add as many kits to your cart and select “ship to multiple addresses” at checkout! If you’d like all the kits to include the same wine please leave a note for Team Argaux.

  1. DO NOT unwrap the bottles!
  2. Review your guide and watch the how-to video
  3. Experience each wine through sight, nose & palate
  4. Talk amongst yourselves and describe what you’re seeing, smelling and tasting
  5. Make a call!
  6. Reveal the answers by texting an image of the label to your Pocket Somm
  • (#) Bottles wrapped to conceal their identity
  • Argaux’s guide to blind tasting
  • (#) Infamous Tasting Grids