• Wine & Wellness Gift Set

    At Argaux, wine is a part of a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. In this kit we have highlighted seasoned chef Letitia Clark’s cookbook from Sardinia, a Sardinian wine to go along with your meal and an organic olive oil. We are all looking for the key to longevity and this is our starter kit for living long, healthy and happy lives.

    *Products subject to change based on availability. This is the beautiful nature of working with small producers.

  • Wine Basics Tasting Kit: An Introduction to Wine

    Welcome to the world of wine! Our Wine Basics Tasting Kit is the perfect introduction to the enchanting realm of wine tasting. Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to expand your knowledge, this curated kit is designed to provide an immersive and educational experience.

    Inside this kit you’ll find your wine and our Wine 101 Tasting Guide created by our team of Sommeliers. It will provide instructions on how to set up your tasting, tasting techniques, fast facts and tips on how to identify key characteristics with every sip.

  • The Blind Wine Tasting Kit

    ‘Bring the experience of a blind wine tasting into your very own home with Argaux’s blind tasting kit. Experience new wines and follow along with their how-to guide so you can get the full blind tasting experience. Try this out for your next at-home date night, or virtually gather with friends on video conference and enjoy a virtual tasting! Argaux even provides an option so you can send kits to multiple addresses, making it a piece of cake to enjoy with friends around the world. Cheers!’

    Sarah Boyd, Forbes

    Here at Argaux, wine education starts with tasting. We hope Argaux can help keep the good vibes rolling, the conversation light-hearted, and your glasses half full!