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The Food and wine pairing kit

Want to learn about wine? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Argaux, we love educating on how to pair your favorite foods with the perfect bottle of wine.


In this kit, we’re proud to share one of our favorite guides to real-world food pairings: Big Macs & Burgundy by Vanessa Price. It’s an engaging, educational, and entertaining book that’ll become your go-to resource for wine tasting and food pairing.


And the best way to apply what you learn? Combine it with a selection of premium Argaux wines. This kit includes our favorite pairings from Vanessa’s book and the wines you need to recreate these tantalizing combinations. From healthy picks like grilled salmon to guilty pleasures like fried chicken, there’s a wine pairing for everything.


Cook or order in, uncork, and discover the remarkable world of wine.


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Food & Wine Pairing Kit

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2 Bottle Food & Wine Pairing Kit

A Copy of Big Macs & Burgundy by Vanessa Price2 Bottles of Wine
– 2020 Cherrier Frères Sancerre Blanc
– 2018 Ottomani DOCG Chianti Classico
Argaux x Big Macs & Burgundy Wine 101: Tasting & Food Pairing Guide

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