2023 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé

Domaine Tempier is the “Grand Cru de Provence” and their rosé is considered the best in the world. Our 2023 rosé allocation has finally landed and we have less than 1 case available. Snag some before the team buys it all up.

Organic farming practices, hand-harvested, and single vineyard, estate-grown fruit.

  • Tasting Notes juicy Provençal fruit, ripe peaches, white strawberries, savory herbs, perfumed flowers
  • Variety 55% Mourvèdre, 25% Grenache, 20% Cinsault
  • Region France, Provence
  • Volume 750ml
  • Alcohol Volume 13.5%
  • Table Talk Founder, Lucien Peyraud, drew the boat on their iconic label to resemble the merchant ships from the Bandol harbor that would arrive after traveling down the Rhône River.


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Wine is a lifestyle and when treated carefully and respectfully, it may just be the key to longevity. It is for Lulu Peyraud. Lulu is the 103-year-old matriarch of Domaine Tempier in Bandol, France. She is 4’10, best friends with Alice Waters and a true idol in the world of wine. We had the privilege of meeting her two summers ago when a tasting appointment at the Domaine turned into rosé and scrabble on the patio with Lulu herself. Her eyes are kind and her demeanor is regal in the most un-intimidating way. She has lived longer than most and when asked the secret to her longevity she answered with firm certainty and an endearing smirk; “I never drink water. I don’t want to rust. Only rosé, young red wine and Champagne.”

“Of all of the domaines we represent, no other serves more as our cornerstone, stands more in the defense of terroir, and is more intricately interwoven with our own history, than that of the iconic Peyraud family of Domaine Tempier. When Lulu Tempier married Lucien Peyraud in 1936, her father gave them Domaine Tempier, a farm that had been in the family since 1834. Tasting a pre-phylloxera bottle of Tempier Bandol inspired Lucien to research the terroir extensively. By 1941, thanks to Lucien and neighboring vignerons, Bandol had its own A.O.C. Lucien will forever be celebrated as the Godfather of Bandol. Raising deep and structured wines of such refinement and longevity has made Domaine Tempier truly a grand cru de Provence.

They say great wine is evocative of place. With Tempier rosé, all it takes is one sniff to be carried back to Provence, conceiving a dreamy fantasy of sunshine and ice-cold pink wine. Suddenly we are in the shade of a massive umbrella pine tree at Domaine Tempier, refreshed by a soothing breeze and generous sips of rosé. The cigales chirp buzzingly in the background, while the sound of laughter complements their constant hum. This is what Tempier rosé is all about—celebration, gaiety, and delicious simplicity.” – Anthony Lynch