Ciao Pappy Marinara alla Pappy

A special red tomato sauce made with full flavors and rich texture with Pappy’s secret touches.

This sauce can be enjoyed with pasta of your choice (preferably fresh pasta), over meatballs, shrimp, topped on eggs or for dipping.

Ingredients: whole tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, salt, red pepper, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, cream


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A Family Affair

“Ciao! I am Francesca, founder of Ciao Pappy.

Growing up Italian-American meant that good food and a lively dinner table was the heartbeat of our family. My father (Pappy) came from Italy where meals were an important part of his culture and the anchor of our daily connection. No matter how busy our lives got, my mother, brother, father and I made it a point to share meals together each day.

When it came to cooking, Pappy always made it look easy. He always said that a well tasting Italian meal only needs a few, fresh, quality ingredients to go a long way.

Pappy’s kitchen rules inspired our products to be made with local, fresh, and quality ingredients intended for both the efficient home chef and those who like to experiment in the kitchen.

In 2021, my husband Matthew and I established Ciao Pappy with the vision to be a staple in your pantry and play a small role in creating lifetime memories. We hope families can more easily share quality meals together with joy and convenience.

Buon Appetito,

Francesca Pittaluga, Founder & Chief Tomato Officer”