The Brooke Blend: The Bargaux Cocktail Kit

Ready to level up your cocktail game? The Volume Primo Vermouth was made specially for the legendary Archivio bar in Verona and is the main ingredient in their Negroni, which is rumored to be the best Negroni in the world. From Spritz to Negroni this kit covers the basics and gives you the tools to test out some new recipes with whatever your liquor of choice is.

Box Includes: 1 bottle of NV Volume Primo Vermouth, 1 bottle of NV Sorelle Extra Dry Prosecco, 1 bottle of Found Bubbly Water, Dehydrated Orange Slices and Cara Devine’s “Strong, Sweet and Bitter” Cocktail Recipe Book.


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NV Sorelle Bronca Extra Dry Prosecco

This is a small production, organic, woman-owned and operated Prosecco from the Bronca family in the Valdobbiadene zone of Prosecco. Sisters Antonella and Ersiliana Bronca have steered their estate along the path of quality since they took the reigns from their father. This Prosecco is very refreshing, light and mineral-driven. It has hints of white flowers, wild herbs, ripe peach, citrus notes and almond skin with a salty finish. Perfect staple bottle of bubbles for the house + it’s great in a spritz! Organic farming practices, woman-owned and operated.

Volume Primo Vermouth

For those of you who have never been to Verona and visited Bar Archivio, it should be next on your list. This misterioso little gem is nestled off of the Piazza Della Erbe, in the bend of the Adige River. Patrons spill out onto the narrow cobblestone streets, Americanos & Negronis in hand, having a smoke and awaiting la luna. The cocktails are strong & the vibes are high.

Raffa (Raffaele Bellomi) owns Bar Archivo with his business partner and fellow Veronese bartender, Tommaso. In 2014, when they couldn’t find the quality vermouth they wanted, they decided to make it themselves. They were determined to produce a versatile vermouth for their bar program that wasn’t too sweet, too bitter, or too balsamic in character. They wanted to make a balanced vermouth, from quality ingredients, with mixability and quaffability in mind. The initial 2,000-bottle run on Volume Primo was made exclusively for their house Negroni. However, the Bar Archivo Negroni quickly gained a reputation for being the best Negroni in town and now is rumored to be the best Negroni in the world. Today, a small amount is imported to the US and is mostly allocated to specialty bar programs at notable New York hangouts like Ci Siamo and Rolo’s.

[Note: At Argaux, we seek out our liqueurs and spirits with the same mentality that we do our wines. Beyond tasting delicious, sustainability is always placed at the forefront of our search, with a strong preference for organic farming and low-intervention production methods.]