NV Volume Primo Vermouth

Responsibly Farmed
Hidden Gem

This distinctly Mediterranean-style vermouth was developed by Raffaele Bellomi for his cocktail bar in Verona called, Bar Archivo. He was inspired by aromas he grew up with like the thyme and licorice plants his grandmother grew on her balcony. It’s more herbal than traditional vermouths which make it incredibly versatile.

The Americano Recipe (Argaux Fav)
Equal parts Volume Primo vermouth and your favorite bitter over ice. Mix well, top with soda and garnish with a lemon/orange slice and zest.

  • Tasting Notes wormwood, vanilla, thyme, sage, chamomile, licorice root
  • Variety 95% Moscato d’Asti, 5% Grillo Siciliano
  • Region Italy, Piedmont
  • Volume 1L
  • Alcohol Volume 18%
  • Table Talk Since he developed the Vermouth and perfected the house Negroni at Archivo, it has been rumored to be the best Negroni in the world.


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For those of you who have never been to Verona and visited Bar Archivio, it should be next on your list. This misterioso little gem is nestled off of the Piazza Della Erbe, in the bend of the Adige River. Patrons spill out onto the narrow cobblestone streets, Americanos & Negronis in hand, having a smoke and awaiting la luna. The cocktails are strong & the vibes are high.

Lexi and I visited Bar Archivio on our last night in Verona for Vinitaly 2022. When we got there Raffa was enjoying a spritz with some friends out front. We got our hands on an Americano, introduced ourselves, and quickly asked for restaurant recs as we were clearly ravenous from another day of tasting and little eating. Within seconds Raffa was on the phone with his Michelin-starred friend who had just opened up a new spot in town called Osteria Mondodoro. Raffa got us a table, walked us over and stayed for a drink, which turned into dinner, followed by a nightcap at Antica Bottega Del Vino. We quickly learned that we were with a town favorite. From the people running up to say hi to him in the streets, to chatting with his employees after their shift, it was clear that Raffa is loved by his people.

Raffa (Raffaele Bellomi) owns Bar Archivo with his business partner and fellow Veronese bartender, Tommaso. In 2014, when they couldn’t find the quality vermouth they wanted, they decided to make it themselves. They were determined to produce a versatile vermouth for their bar program that wasn’t too sweet, too bitter, or too balsamic in character. They wanted to make a balanced vermouth, from quality ingredients, with mixability and quaffability in mind. The initial 2,000-bottle run on Volume Primo was made exclusively for their house Negroni. However, the Bar Archivo Negroni quickly gained a reputation for being the best Negroni in town and now is rumored to be the best Negroni in the world. Today, a small amount is imported to the US and is mostly allocated to specialty bar programs at notable New York hangouts like Ci Siamo and Rolo’s. We feel pretty lucky to be able to introduce the Volume Primo Vermouth to our consumers!