2019 Cherrier Frères Sancerre Rouge Pinot Noir

Responsibly Farmed
Hidden Gem
Classic in Style

This medium-bodied Pinot is smooth, savory, and promises to satisfy a variety of palate preferences. The wine brings an immediate “level up” to your table without the added cost – when we say this is a household essential, we mean it. Produced from organic fruit and native yeasts.

Pinot Noir comprises just 20% of Sancerre’s vineyards, making this wine an extra special and unique Pinot pick. 

  • Tasting Notes wild strawberry, red raspberry, dried herbs, and violets
  • Region France, Loire Valley
  • Volume 750mL
  • Alcohol Volume 14%


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Cherrier Frères | Loire Valley, France

Situated in Verdigny, brothers François and Jean-Marie Cherrier have been sustainably farming vines in the Loire Valley since 1994. The duo cultivates fruit across 20 hectares of vines spread over five villages surrounding Sancerre, as well as an additional ten hectares in the area of Menetou-Salon. The varied climates and soil types of these regions each brings a distinct Sauvignon Blanc characteristic to the final wines, ranging from flintiness (from silex) to acidity (from gravelly limestone) and beyond.

All vinification at Cherrier Frères is done according to soil type. Post-fermentation, the wines are left to age on their lees in stainless steel tanks prior to blending. The final wines are crisp, mineral laden, and undeniably Sancerre. In addition to their world-class white wines, the François and Jean-Marie also craft small amounts of Sancerre Rouge and Sancerre Rosé, as well as their signature red and white wines from Menetou-Salon.

Since 1994, François and Jean-Marie Cherrier have put in place a sustainable viticulture using ecological techniques such as planting cover crops in the vineyards, eliminating chemical fertilizers and vinification products, gray-water reuse at the winery, and geobiology.


Vinification is done using cold-stabilization and temperature controlled fermentations by soil type, which are left on the lees to age in stainless steel tanks before the final blending to create Cherrier’s classic and archetypal Sancerre Blanc. In addition to this most famous wine from the region, they also produce a Sancerre Rouge and Rosé from Pinot Noir grapes, and since 2010 red and white wines from Menetou-Salon.

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