NV Weingut Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Wine (Non-Alcoholic)

Responsibly Farmed
Hidden Gem

Finally, we have found a non-alcoholic wine that has flavor, minerality, acid and texture. This isn’t just sparkling water – it’s a sparkling wine with a sense of place that just happens to have 0.0% ABV.

Certified sustainable viticulture by FAIR’N GREEN, a recognized system for sustainability in Germany, covering areas of environmental protection and social responsibility. 

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling
  • Tasting Notes crisp green apples, green pear, kiwi, lime blossom, wet stone
  • Variety Riesling
  • Region Germany, Rheingau
  • Volume 750ml
  • Alcohol Volume 0%
  • Table Talk This tasty bottle of wine is produced using the dealcoholization process, which involves removing alcohol from a wine rather than bottling simple juice.


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Under the direction of Johannes Leitz, Weingut Josef Leitz has earned the reputation of being one of Rheingau’s top growers and moreover, one of the finest producers in Germany. Since taking over his family estate in 1985, Johannes has grown his holdings from 2.6 hectares to over 40, most of which are Grand Cru sites on the slopes of the Rüdesheimer Berg. Once the home of some of the world’s most sought after and expensive wines, the region fell to mediocrity in the years following the Second World War. Josi has made it his life’s work to reclaim the intrinsic quality of his native terroir and introduce the world to the true potential of the Rheingau.

Leitz’s estate vineyards lie entirely on the westernmost part of the Rheingau on the Rüdesheimer Berga steep, south-facing hillside of extremely old slate and quartziteplanted entirely to riesling, encompassing the Grand Crus of Schlossberg, Rottland, and Roseneck. Leitz trains his vines in a single-cane, cordon system to improve the quality and character of the fruit, differing from the majority of Rheingau growers where the practice has long been to prioritize yield via a double-cane system. Johannes is a firm believer that the crucial work of the vigneron takes place in the vineyards. Focused on farming as sustainably as possible and working by hand, the grueling hours of labor on the ultra-steep slopes allow these ancient vineyards to reach their maximum potential. After harvest, Josi is equally focused on working gently in the press house and aging the wines on their gross lees.

In 2007, Leitz created the “Eins Zwei Zero” label and began producing high quality, non-alcohol wines made from his Grand Cru fruit. He uses vacuum distillation to remove the alcohol at a low temperature to maintain the crisp aromas and fresh flavors of the wine. The finished product is an alcohol-free wine with integrity and balance.