NV Umberto Fratelli Prosecco Extra Brut (half-bottle)

Hidden Gem
Classic in Style

The three Cosmo brothers or ‘Fratelli’ in Italian are known as the Prosecco Brothers: Umberto, Luigi & Domenico.

Produced entirely from the Glera grape, this easy-to-drink bottle of bubbles is perfect for picnics, parties, and simple happy hours at home. Who says you need a reason to celebrate?

  • Tasting Notes crisp golden apple, peach, wisteria, almond
  • Variety Glera
  • Region Italy, Veneto
  • Volume 375ml
  • Alcohol Volume 11.5%
  • Table Talk Extra Brut (0-6 grams of residual sugar per liter) wines are actually drier than those labeled Extra Dry (12-17 grams per liter) or Dry (17-32 grams per liter). Confusing, yes – but we didn't make the rules!


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Umberto Fratelli Prosecco is spearheaded by three dynamic brothers—that’s fratelli, in Italian—Umberto, Luigi, and Domenico. Their family winery and its vines are located in the hilly region of Conegliano, situated about 50 miles north of the city of Venice. Here, the Glera grape is cultivated on the sloping hillsides of the region, which constitutes the backbone of Veneto’s famed Prosecco production.

Fruit for the Cosmo brothers’ wine comes from vineyards in the three zones of Cordignano, Cappella Maggiore, and Sarmede, all situated in the overarching Treviso region.  Wines produced at their hands are characterized by luminous hues, gentle bubbles, and floral, fruit-driven characters that promise to keep the palate watering for more. In a sea of subpar Prosecco, we recommend seeking out meticulously crafted products made by quality-focused artisans like the Cosmo brothers