Best of Club Argaux 4-Pack

In celebration of Club Argaux turning 1 Year, we’ve rounded out our club members’ all-time favorite wines from this past year. This is a show-stopping 4 pack including 2 white and 2 red wines that received the highest marks from all of your palates combined.

Wines included:

  • 2020 Cantine di Marzo Greco di Tufo Riserva “Vigna Laure”
  • 2021 Piro Points West North Canyon Vineyard Chardonnay
  • 2020 Oddero Barbera d’Alba
  • 2019 San Se Thompson Vineyard Syrah (summer seasonal sneak peek!)

Don’t miss out: This exclusive 4-pack will only be available for 24 hours upon release! First come, first serve as we have limited availability on each of these wines.


Out of stock: "2020 Cantine di Marzo Greco di Tufo Riserva “Vigna Laure”", "2020 Oddero Barbera d'Alba" do not have sufficient quantity in stock.