Pizza Masterclass with The Hardware House Kitchen

Club Argaux presents a Pizza Making Masterclass partnered with The Hardware House Kitchen, a collaboration of the husband & wife team, Chef Wes Minichiello and Chef Angela Samuels, who are high-end caterers with a fine dining background. Similar to Argaux, food has always been a foundation of their relationship as well as a mutual vision for a space that their family, friends & community could gather to relax and enjoy some farm-fresh delicious eats.

Join us on October 20th for a pizza & wine pairing extravaganza! Guests will be able to enjoy their creations & have the hands-on opportunity to learn:

    -How to shape and hand-toss pizza dough

    -Recipe for homemade pizza sauce

    -Styles and differences of pizza dough

    -Tips & Tricks for how to properly top a pizza

    -How to launch a pizza in an at home pizza oven

    -How to pair wines with different flavors of pizza

This duo will be filling your bellies and winning your hearts with 2 portable ovens, hand-crafted doughs, their scratch-made sauce, fully-equipped topping stations, and bonus: homemade sweet sage sausage. Included in each ticket price is one ball of dough (fit to create a 10-inch individual pizza) and wine pairing from Team Argaux.

**Limited number of tickets available! Preferred price of $65 for Club Argaux members.

Location: Argaux HQ
Date: Thursday, October 20th, 2022
Time: Doors open 5:30pm, Event Start: 6:00pm!


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