Seasonal Six Pack: Spring Edition

Spring is here! As we transition away from our winter dormancy, our food gets a little lighter and brighter and we crave something new, interesting and refreshing to sip on. We’ve put together our list of ‘gaux-to wines to help you enjoy these sunny days and breezy nights.

Named Best Seasonal-Wine Subscription by New York Magazine’s The Strategist

‘Their seasonal packages come out once a quarter and deliver six selections curated specifically for the scenarios you’re likely to find yourself in during those months.” – Dominique Pariso and Emma Wartzman, The Strategist

For Sunday Brunch: 2020 Storm Santa Barbara County Rosé
For Taco Night: 2020 Norris Ribbon Ridge Dry Riesling
For your Alfresco Dinner Party: 2020 Caruso y Minini Catarrato Sicilia Naturalmente Bianco
For Opening Day: 2020 Athletes du Vin Pinot Noir
For Your Memorial Day BBQ: 2020 Domaine Lionel Collines Rhodaniennes Syrah
For Your Weekend Roadtrip: 2020 Produttori Di Manduria Electric Bee Primitivo


Out of stock: "2020 Produttori Di Manduria Electric Bee Primitivo", "2020 Norris Ribbon Ridge Dry Riesling", "2020 Domaine Lionel Faury Collines Rhodaniennes Syrah", "2020 Caruso y Minini Catarratto Sicilia Naturalmente Bianco", "2020 Storm Watch Hill Vineyard Grenache Rosé", "2020 Les Athlètes du Vin Touraine Pinot Noir" do not have sufficient quantity in stock.