Semolina Artisanal Pasta Organic Rigatoni

Leah Ferrazzani’s handmade pasta is a chef favorite and is served at top-tier L.A. restaurants like Nancy Silverton’s Osteria Mozza, Ted Hopson’s The Bellwether, and Jackson Kalb’s Jame Enoteca.

This traditional, slow-dried, full-flavored, certified organic durum semolina rigatoni is delizioso with all’amatriciana sauce or in Arden’s Rigatoni alla Cauliflower recipe.

Ingredients: Organic semolina durum flour, water.
Contains: Wheat
Size: One 1lb box


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“When I started Semolina Artisanal Pasta back in 2014—making pasta in my kitchen and drying it in the laundry room while my toddlers were at daycare—it was with the goal of crafting organic dried pasta that rivaled the best from Italy. So every day I channeled my inner Nonna, filling my tiny extruder with a mixture of Semolina, water and the love of feeding people. I’ve since moved out of the house, but every batch of Semolina Artisanal Pasta is still made with the same care. Our pastas are beloved by chefs and home cooks across the country for their superlative taste and texture. We hope you’ll enjoy them too.”

– Leah Ferrazzani, Founder & Chief Pastaia

Environmental Impact
At Semolina we are committed to minimizing food waste from start to finish. We work with a miller who sells the byproducts of semolina production–the bran and the germ–as animal feed. And in our kitchen waste is minimal! On the average day our trash is simply the paper bags our flour comes in and a pound of spent dough.

In March 2020, in an effort to reduce our waste, we transitioned from poly bags to recyclable boxes manufactured at a local facility powered by renewable energy. Just cut out the window.

Our grain, all of our pastas, and our entire facility are certified organic by Organic Certifiers. This means our semolina is non-GMO, as is grown using no petroleum-based pesticides or fertilizers, no sewage sludge and isn’t irratiated.