Women In Wine Tasting Set

In honor of the incredible ladies changing the viticultural game worldwide, we’ve created this Women in Wine kit to share some bottles made by a few of our favorite female winemakers across the globe.

Box Includes: 3 bottles of Wine
1. NV Sorelle Bronca Extra Dry Prosecco, made by the amazing Bronca sisters.
2. 2020 Chateau Barbebelle Aix-en-Provence ‘Héritage’ Rosé, made by 4th generation winemaker, Madeleine Herbeau.
3. 2018 Rocca del Principe Fiano di Avellino, made by Simona Zarella.


NV Sorelle Bronca Extra Dry Prosecco

Winemaker: Antonella and Ersiliana Bronca

Small production, woman-owned and operated, delicious Prosecco from the Bronca family in the Valdobbiadene zone of Prosecco. Sisters Antonella and Ersiliana Bronca have steered their estate along the path of quality since they took the reigns from their father.

This wine is very refreshing, light and mineral-driven. It is the perfect staple bottle of bubbles for the house + it’s great in a spritz!

Organically farming practices, woman-owned and operated.

I usually drink the Sorelle Bronca with some olives and a slice of salami while I am deciding what to make for dinner. However, this is also lovely with any sort of shellfish, hard cheeses, or white pizza.

2020 Chateau Barbebelle Aix-en-Provence ‘Héritage’ Rosé 

Winemaker: Madeleine Herbeau

This rosé is the haut monde, the crème de la crème meant to be paired with an elegant cocktail hour and enjoyed with friends at your next garden party. This rosé is a unique blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Syrah. On the nose, this wine is beautifully fragrant and aromatic.

Organic and sustainable farming practices, woman-winemaker & only 4,000 cases produced.

This wine is truly a gastronomic rosé that compliments light seafood dishes but can hold its own next to a pork chop. We recommend enjoying it with melon & prosciutto, a savory leek tart or these Moules Marinières inspired by Chez Hortense’ in Cap Ferret.

2018 Rocca del Principe Fiano di Avellino

Winemaker: Simona Zarrella

This is Margaux’s (co-founder) all-time favorite wine! Small, independent grower-producer founded by husband-and-wife team Ercole Zarrella and Aurelia Fabrizio in the region of Campania. Winemaking is now in the hands of their daughter, Simona Zarrella. She brings a bold, personal perspective to the wines, with the couple’s other daughters assuming other key roles in the winery.

Organic farming practices, woman-winemaker, and only 1,833 cases produced.

Enjoy with any sort of fish, light pasta dishes or sushi.

Here at Argaux, we believe that women make the world of wine a better place. As a female owned-and-operated company, we take pride in elevating women winemakers and industry colleagues around the world – especially when their wines are as good as the ones included in this kit. However, despite the wonderful shifts being made within the industry, women still have quite a long way to go in catching up to their male counterparts. In honor of the incredible ladies changing the viticultural game worldwide, we’ve created this Women in Wine kit to share some of our favorite bottles produced at the hands of trailblazing female winemakers across the globe.

‘Gaux to the World of Women in Wine – What to Know

1. As of 2018, there were no female CEOs at wineries with annual productions between 100K and 500K cases per year; on a positive note, 25% of wineries producing between half a million and one million cases boasted women CEOs. This same study states that women were underrepresented in sales, viticulture, and winemaking, but overrepresented in marketing and HR departments.

2. Interestingly, through it all, it’s been proven that women are actually more sensitive (and therefore, more detailed and often better) tasters than men – yet this somehow does not translate to their representation in the industry.

3. According to MacNeil, only 10% of winemakers in California are female, and only 7% and 5% are women in Washington and New York, respectively. However, women have made up around 40% of graduates from the Viticulture and Enology programs at UC Davis.

4. Women still continue to make 82 cents to every dollar that a man earns working the same job, with said gap widening to 77 cents to the dollar at management-level positions.

5. In terms of higher education, only 29 of America’s 182 Master Sommeliers are women. The statistic gets better in the Master of Wine world, where women hold 131 of the 380 titles worldwide.

When we first got into the industry, there seemed to be lots of conversation surrounding the rarity of women in wine. However, much of our inspiration was sparked by historic women like Madame Clicquot, who is credited for inventing riddling (an aging technique used in the production of Champagne), Ann Noble, who invented the aroma wheel, and Carole Meredith, who discovered the origins of Cabernet Sauvignon as a hybrid of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc. Today we continue to be inspired by women in wine and the growing number of them strapping on their boots and heading into the vineyards, tending to grapes, and producing wines of high complexity and great esteem.

Enjoy this kit and thank you for supporting women in wine!