2020 Marco Carpineti Capolemole Bianco

Responsibly Farmed
Hidden Gem

This wine is a true hidden gem. It’s made from native grapes grown in the Lepini Mountains, which are located in the small, ancient town of Cori. It’s refreshing and bright from the stainless steel fermentation, but still has a supple mouthfeel, great balance and a long, mineral-driven finish.

Organic farming practices and less than 5,000 cases produced. 

  • Tasting Notes white flowers, lemon, lemon zest, green apple, pineapple, white pepper
  • Variety Bellone
  • Region Italy, Lazio
  • Volume 750ml
  • Alcohol Volume 13.5%
  • Table Talk In Ancient Rome, Pliny the Elder called the Bellone grape "uva fantastica" (fantastic grape).


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On the slopes of the Lepini Mountains, in Cori, an ancient town dating back to the 4th century, you will find the winery of Marco Carpineti. The winery has been in his family for generations, but it wasn’t until Marco took over in the 80s that the wine became something special to seek out. In 1994, Marco converted all of the vineyards to organic farming methods in order to raise the quality of his grapes. Herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and synthetic products do not find asylum in the Marco Carpineti estate and he limits tillage to just weed control.

Currently, the family has about 52.5 hectares, of which 41 are planted to vine and 11.5 to olive groves. They focus on unknown vines that are native to the Lepini Mountains. The white grape varieties that have always been cultivated are Bellone, Arciprete Bianco (biotype of Bellone) and two Greek grape varieties, locally called Moro and Giallo, which came close to extinction. The red grapes are Nero Buono di Cori, Montepulciano and Cesanese. The vineyards have a southwest exposure and the volcanic soil is particularly suited for the cultivation of vines and olive trees.