Aperitivo Hour w/ Paolo Carpineti

Responsibly Farmed
Hidden Gem

We are so excited to invite you to a private aperitivo hour at Argaux to help us welcome the wonderful, Paolo Carpineti from Marco Carpineti Winery! His wines are seriously having a moment and he will dive into the ancient history behind his family’s winery, his dedication to organic viticulture and his focus on the traditional grapes of the region.

Paolo will taste us on 4 of his unique wines from Lazio (some exclusive to Argaux!) and you will have the opportunity to mix/mingle with him, as well as fellow Club Argaux members.

Location: Argaux HQ
Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Time: 5:30-7pm

Only 20 seats available!


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2019 Marco Carpineti Spumante ‘Kius’ Brut (exclusivity for ARGAUX)
2020 Marco Carpineti Capolemole Bianco
2019 Marco Carpineti Capolemole Rosso
2017 Marco Carpineti ‘NZU’ Nero Buono Rosso

When in Rome, go to Lazio. When at home, we’ll bring Lazio to you.

On the slopes of the Lepini Mountains, in Cori, an ancient town dating back to the 4th century, you will find the winery of Marco Carpineti. Marco Carpineti is situated in an ancient territory south of Rome in a town called Cori at nearly 400 meters above sea level. The Carpineti family has been in business for generations, and since 1994 they have chosen the path of organic agriculture – no herbicides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic products. Biodynamic agriculture is based on the idea of the balance of nature, a type of agriculture in unison with the landscape, the earth and humanity. The challenge focuses on almost unknown grapevines that only this unique terroir could have preserved like a precious hidden treasure. White grape varieties cultivated are Bellone, Archpriest White and two varieties of Greek grapes, called Moro and Yellow, almost disappeared in the territory. Red grape varieties cultivated are Nero Buono di Cori, Montepulciano and Cesanese.

From the vineyard and its laborers to your glass, it is a constant challenge and a continuous act of love which are renewed every day in the steady pursuit of harmony.