2014 Château de Brézé Saumur Blanc ‘Clos de la Rue’ MAGNUM

Responsibly Farmed
Hidden Gem
Classic in Style

Want to drink like royalty? The Clos de la Rue “smells and tastes like you are drinking liquid gold and it can send shivers down your spine. So, what does this wine really taste like? Too much to say, but let’s just say gold, fairy dust, sweet limestone, river rocks, the smell of powdered sugar, sweet citrus and sheer pleasure. If I had to drink this wine every day of my life, I would be content to do so.” – The Source Imports

Pair With: Simple. Sol with lemon!

  • Tasting Notes quince, orange zest and green pear
  • Region France, Loire Valley
  • Volume 1.5L
  • Alcohol Volume 13%


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Coming from arguably some of the best vineyards in Saumur, Château de Brézé was once coined Chenin de Brézé. These are wines that were once poured among the royal courts of Europe. Now, they are enjoyed by many and remain a favorite to ARGAUX. In 2016 Arden and I drove from Nantes to Saumur and ended our time in the Loire Valley with Arnaud Lambert of Chateau de Brézé. Arnaud poured his outstanding line up of wines for us, but what stood out the most during our visit was how he talked about his wines. When he talks about his wines, he’s really talking about the geology of the land that makes up the Clos of Brézé. Arden asked him how he knows when to pick the grapes for harvest and he responded by telling her that every year during harvest he goes out into the vineyard and tastes the berries once, sometimes twice a day, imagining what the wine will be. Once he tastes the perfect balance of the grape in his mouth, he knows it’s time to pick. This is the wine that turned me on to Chenin Blanc. For that, I thank Arnaud Lambert.