2021 Weingut Griesbauerhof Alto Adige Pinot Grigio

Responsibly Farmed
Hidden Gem
Classic in Style

Pinot Grigio from the Alps is in a completely different bracket than the rest of Italian Pinot Grigio. It drinks like Chablis, with the texture and saline tinge you get from high alpine whites. We promise you, this ain’t your average bottle of PG.

Organic farming practices, hand-harvested, native yeast fermentation and only 150 cases produced.

  • Tasting Notes green apple, pear, lemon zest, white peach, almond skin, wet glacial minerality
  • Variety Pinot Grigio
  • Region Italy, Alto Adige
  • Volume 750ml
  • Alcohol Volume 13%
  • Table Talk Mrs. Mumelter has a passion for growing tomatoes. She grows 30 different types every year and plants some of them in between the vines.


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Weingut Griesbauerhof is located on the hills of St. Magdalener in Bolzano of Alto Adige. This is one of the oldest and northernmost wine growing regions in Italy that borders Austria with steep slopes that blanket the valley. Wine has accompanied human history and culture in Alto Adige for more than three thousand years and has decisively shaped the development of the province.

Since 1785 the Mumelter family has been cultivating grapes and apples from the same farm where they lie at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level. The ancestral farm has been handed down from generation to generation in the Mumelter family, with Lukas as 7th generation winemaker now at the helm. The barrels remain in the cellar built in the 11th century underneath the house. As a family, they work as a team to run the estate. Georg has passed on his winemaking to Lukas and he now spends his time tending to the apple orchards. In 2019 Michael, the eldest brother, opened the Osteria Freiraum Mumi on the property which is a wine bar he opens from around late April / May until harvest. He makes homemade focaccia and showcases the Griesbauerhof wines for his patrons. Margareth handles tasting visits at the winery, day to day administration, and farming her region’s famous tomatoes.

Griesbauerhof’s philosophy is all about their terroir. They believe in sustainable farming, and minimal intervention in the winery. Their vineyards receive a good amount of sunshine and the sandy clay soil creates complex red wines and extra rich white wines. They are all hand harvested and Pergola trained.

Fun Facts
1. Margareth Mumelter, the matriarch of the estate, has a passion for growing tomatoes. She grows 30 types of tomatoes of different sizes and colors every year. Every two years a “Tomato Festival” is held on the Mumelter farm, where starred chefs create delicious dishes from the tomatoes.

2. The Mumleter family also has apple orchards they farm, and Margareth makes the most incredible apple strudel!

3. The family Mumelter has been in Bolzano for hundreds of years. They have traced back generations and cannot find relatives from anywhere else.

Pinot Gris, or Pinot Grigio in Italy, is a mutation of the Pinot Noir grape. Low in aromatics, Pinot Gris can range in a variety of styles from dry to sweet. In Alsace, France a Pinot Gris may be rich, full-bodied, richly textured, and high in alcohol. Whereas in Italy, Pinot Grigio may be much lighter with zesty citrus and green fruit flavors. Either way, if you’re looking for an easy white wine to sip on any occasion, Pinot Gris is the way to go!

Alto Adige is Italy’s most northerly wine region situated in the foothills of the Alps. It boasts its own DOC (regulated geographical region under Italian Wine Law) labelled Alto Adige DOC. The vineyards here are planted on terraces, most with high altitudes and a large diurnal range making this region prime for aromatic whites and light-bodied red wines. The most notable grape you’ll find here is Pinot Grigio. Traditionally, Pinot Grigio is made in a dry style with a light to medium body, high acid, and citrus flavors. Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Schiava are also grown with this region.