2020 Chateau Montfrin ‘Paumiste’ Rosé

Responsibly Farmed
Hidden Gem
Classic in Style

Tennis starts with love – and a glass of Paumiste. This rosé is produced from an organically-farmed blend of 60% Syrah and 40% Carignan blend from the Southern Rhône Valley. Less than 5,000 cases produced.

The Southern Rhône accounts for nearly 95% of the entire Rhône Valley’s production. 

  • Tasting Notes pomegranate, strawberries, white peach, grapefruit, herbs de provence
  • Region France, Rhone Valley
  • Volume 750mL
  • Alcohol Volume 13.50%


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Château de Montfrin | Rhône Valley, France

The Château de Montfrin has been an important site in the south of France for centuries. The property has been in owner and winemaker  Jean-René de Fleurieu’s family since the mid-1800s, though prior to that, was an imperative stopping ground for travelers, including Saint Francis of Assisi, Molière, Louis XIII, and beyond. Today, the château is surrounded by 200 hectares of organically-farmed vineyards and olive orchards.

At Château de Montfrin, a variety of wines are made from a handful of appellations, most of which are based on the Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Roussanne, and Viognier grapes. A portion of the fruit is hand-harvested and allowed to carbonically macerate prior to fermentation, and little to no wood is used during vinification. The resulting house style is fresh, lively, and reflective of the unique sites from which the wines come. 

Jeu de Paume, also known as the “palm game,” was first played by French monks during the medieval times. This game, which gave way to every modern-day racket sport was originally a ball and court game played with the palm of one’s hands. The palm game made its way back to England through the jail mates of Duke Charles of Orleans who was imprisoned by Henri V at the beginning of the Hundred Years War. This soon became known as “the sport of kings” with nobility across Europe participating and building salles de jeu de paumes in their summer châteaus and noble residences. The English really codified the sport with the invention of the racket and scoring system. These trendsetting palm players were referred to as ‘Paumistes’.

We teamed up with our friend Jean-René at Château de Montfrin to make this delicious, easy-drinking rose. As a part of our ‘GAUX PLAY APRES’ series, we wanted to make an affordable, organically farmed, & clean rosé to pair with a day on the court. With fewer additives and chemicals than Gatorade, a glass of the Paumiste will keep you feeling good and give you the glow & confidence to try that overhead slam. Sometimes we just need a little help to find our inner Serena.